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Earlier this year we were extremely excited to partner up with Sixcia Devine, South Florida Regional Director, from Constant Contact. We knew right away that this partnership was an excellent opportunity to educate the local community on email marketing and other digital marketing trends. Sixcia plays a key role with Constant Contact’s growth into Southern Florida and US Hispanic Markets by speaking on the power of email marketing and the Power of the Hispanic market. This is why we she is our vendor spotlight for September!

Sixcia officially moved from Rhode Island to South Florida in June and was motivated to collaborate with all the Constant Contact Authorized Local Experts to Educate, Inspire, and Empower small businesses. “By offering more quality workshops and coaching small businesses we are not only fueling the U.S economy but creating meaningful and lasting change to each person we touch,” said Devine. “Constant Contact is increasing their footprint in South Florida by providing over 20 workshops per month.”

Most recently Sixcia has shared her connection with radio host Simone Kelly with all ALE’s. The opportunity to share our digital marketing expertise with thousands of small businesses on the radio is invaluable. In addition, she is working diligently to increase participation within the Hispanic market through multiple Spanish webinars every week. Digital marketing has become the forefront of economic growth for small businesses and we anticipate successful results with Sixcia and Constant Contact.

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