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No business can grow without a strong sales force. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2014 that there were 14,248,470 such workers in the US. That’s roughly 10.5% of the US workforce.  If you’re thinking of starting a career in sales this is one of the toughest careers to succeed in. As an employer, this is also one of the hardest positions to hire and train for. With such a large pool of candidates one would think it would be easy to hire and train. Great Salespeople are hard to find in any industry or market. This type of worker needs to possess certain behavioral characteristics. Much of it can be gained in training, but it won’t happen fast. To add to the complexity of the position Salespeople now have to be agile and adapt to new technologies.

Everyone thought the Internet would be the end of Salespeople, but quite the opposite happened. With so many tech tools to choose from it can be overwhelming for Managers and Salespeople to adapt. The Internet and Tech hasn’t made the Salesperson obsolete. The question many are asking in this field is will AI (artificial Intelligence) or VR (virtual reality) takeover. I highly doubt that since most of us trust human to human relationships and not machines.

For you to be a top Salesperson you need to develop your own secret sauce. For an organization to have the best sales force in the industry they need to develop a process and hire winners. Here are 12 personality traits and characteristics to look for when hiring a salesperson:

  1. Challenge the decision maker
  2. Comfortable talking about money
  3. Know when to talk and when to be quiet
  4. Always prepared
  5. Great attitude
  6. Enjoy solving problems
  7. Knowledgeable about everything
  8. Never rush and total focus on each client
  9. Ask intelligent questions
  10. Respect their company and customer
  11. Obsessed with following up with leads
  12. Ask for referrals

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