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LinkedIn is one of my favorite websites, social networks and digital tools. I’ve made lots of connections around the world because of LinkedIn. They make it easy to nurture and maintain relationships. Here’s their description on the app store:Connect to people. Connect to Opportunity. The LinkedIn app makes it easier to connect to the people and things that matter in your professional world. Accelerate your success by: – finding people and jobs – getting updates on your professional industry and interests – telling your story and building your professional brand – growing your network – reaching out to people

While LinkedIn is not a social media platform for your personal life it can I still get to stay in touch with many professional friends around the globe on a business level. This is something that’s much harder to do on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (both personal and business accounts). LinkedIn has no close competitor’s so there isn’t much to compare to in terms of others offering a better social media platform for professionals. Alignable is getting traction, but they’re positioning themselves as a business owner network.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to share with you all the LinkedIn features in short summarized posts. If you’re new to the platform it will make it easier for you to understand all the features and functions. To start I’ll breakdown the Home Page. Eventually I’ll breakdown your Profile, My Network, Learning, Jobs and the Interest pages and features + Business Services & Try Premium For Free tabs. For part 1 I’ll review what you see when you login to LinkedIn from your Desktop. I’ll breakdown the 7 sections you see above the fold on the Home page.

See this on my LinkedIn post or on my personal Blog.

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