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13 Lead Generation Tips & Tools:
1. Be clear on your campaign objectives and expected CPA (cost per acquisition)
2. Define your target audience and geographic market
3. Make sure tracking is in place (use Google Analytics)
4. Create a scoring mechanism & criteria for prospects. Understand your Customer’s Journey!
5. Design a dedicated Landing Page (try Unbounce)
6. Hire a good Graphic Designer (try LinkedIn Profinder) 7. Use an experienced Copywriter (try LinkedIn Profinder) 8. Test multiple CTA’s (call to action)
9. Set up an email automation campaign (try Mailchimp)
10. Set up Call Tracking (try CallRail)
11. Choose a CRM (Customer Relationship Management software – try Zoho Corporation)
12. Decide what traffic generating channels you’ll use. Paid Search, Social, Email, Affiliate, etc. (try Facebook Lead Ads)
13. Make sure your Sales team is ready to follow up in real time as many times as it takes.

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