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Keyword Research and Analysis in Three Steps

In marketing your business, doing keyword research is an essential first step. Consumers will not be able to find your website if they are not using the right keywords. Making sure that your website includes the words consumers are most likely to use when looking for you helps to drive traffic. No matter what products or services your business offers, you need a website that is built upon keywords. These three steps will help you do the research and analysis to build the best possible website with Prediq Media.

Step 1: Brainstorm
Everyone in your search engine marketing team along and other sections of your business should get together to brainstorm over keywords that consumers will use when searching for your business. If your website is in English, be sure that those keywords are in English as well. Consider informal words and slang words for your product or service as well. For example, a business offering dog grooming might consider using the words “dog,” “doggie” and “doggy” as keywords. To get the best results in increasing traffic to your website, we suggest using keyword expressions, which are strings of two to three words. Keyword expressions for a dog groomer might include “doggy hair cut,” “dog grooming” and “doggie beauty parlor.”

Step 2: Analyze the Keywords
Use an online service such as Google Adwords or Bing to do an analysis of whether or not users are using your keywords. Paid search is another option to consider. If consumers are actually searching for “dog salon,” your business might not be recognized by the search engine algorythim. Conducting a search of what keywords and keyword expressions are used in connection with your product or service helps direct clicks your way.

Step 3: Analyze How Your Keywords Perform
Test out how your keywords perform. You can find out how many searches lead to conversions. Consider displaying banner ads to get additional leads. Try targeted advertising campaigns to get more visits to your landing page. PPC, or pay per click, is another way to get traffic. You may be able to place bids to get a great deal on this marketing service.

With so many different websites, you must differentiate yours in order to get the traffic you desire. Prediq Media offers marketing services to small and large businesses alike.

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