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Prediq Media currently services a variety of clients within different industries. One of the recent works in progress is Flooring Removal Services, Inc. located in Pompano Beach, FL. Flooring Removal Services, Inc. is South Florida’s premier professional flooring removal service for commercial and residential projects. They have specialized floor removal equipment which reduces time of floor covering removal and floor preparation time by 85%. They also provide dust containment for occupied commercial buildings and residential spaces.

We were excited to start working with them, get their website redesigned, and help them improve their organic search engine optimization. Working alongside their marketing team, we gathered new content, product photos, and videos that will demonstrate how efficient their flooring removal services are. Throughout the process, their main concern has been not losing their current first page position on Google ranking and we addressed this for them.

While Google doesn’t guarantee that any page will consistently appear in their index or appear with a particular rank, their Webmaster Guidelines offer helpful tips for maintaining a crawler-friendly site. Following these recommendations should increase the likelihood that their site will show up consistently in Google search results. Google also confirms that as long your domain stays the same, your content improves during a redesign, and your keywords are relevant to site then you shouldn’t experience a loss in SEO rankings. We adhere to all the Google Webmaster Guidelines in order to keep the transition as seamless as possible for each client.

We look forward to launching the new Flooring Removal Services site in November and working with them to continue improving their organic SEO. If you have a similar scenario with your website, schedule a free consultation with a Prediq Media team member today.

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