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Every business needs leads to increase sales revenue. With so many options available through hundreds of websites and apps it can be difficult to determine which one to go with. One thing we can all agree on is that Facebook has the largest audience available online excluding the search engines. According to Facebook people are spending more time on Facebook than ever before, on desktop and mobile. Late last year Facebook created Lead Ads to make it easier to collect contact info, wherever people are and on any device. When you use Facebook ad targeting, you can reach the people most likely to be interested in your products, services and business. It’s an efficient and cost effective way to reach high-quality leads on Facebook.

The Lead Ads allow people to complete forms with just a couple of clicks, making it amazingly easy for people to send you their information. Best of all you know you’re reaching a real human with a validated account.

Businesses are using it in many ways. For example; collect newsletter registrations, give price estimates, schedule follow-up calls and much more. Plus, lead ads’ pre-populated forms and customizable options allow you to collect what matters most to your business, whether that means names or email addresses.

Our team has launched dozens of Lead Ads in the last few months. We’re happy with the results so far. We attended the Webinar Facebook hosted last week and learned of some additional features coming. I encourage businesses of all sizes to try it on their own with a small budget. For larger budgets I recommend hiring an agency or consultant with experience.

Lead Ad Campaign Examples

  • Newsletter sign-ups for current customers or getting information to new customers
  • A seamless way for education, financial or professional services to generate interest forms
  • For retail or ecommerce businesses, it’s a great way to offer deals, coupons and offers
  • The auto industry can deliver information about new models, maintenance deals or schedule test drives

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